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Web Site Redesign and Search Engine Marketing

Our client sells custom-made pieces of machinery to help other companies get greater visibility at major events. They had two people working part-time to manufacture and sell their products. Because of our work their sales increased by more than 900 percent and one of the owners was able to quit his old job to

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Vastech partnered with Kabab Factory (Restaurant) to create intimate and conversational relationships between the brand and young mobile users through regional Sandesh SMS Advertising and in-venue mobile initiatives such as mobile text-to-screen games. As a result, Our Client enjoyed healthy response rates and extended its presence at the event.


The Goal: Drive awareness and purchase of a Acne Maintenance Kit, reinforce the brand message and acquire email addresses to distribute coupons.

The Solution: Vastech collaborated with the company to design a text-based mobile campaign that engaged vastech users in a text dialogue about the benefits of the Acne Maintenance product and provided a Rs. 50 off email coupon opt-in.

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