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Our Advantages


  • Our Development Center is located in the heart of Bhubaneswar, Odisha.
  • Our Contract Negotiation, Pricing, Support and Extension (Outsource Management) is very simple, straightforward and easy to Understand and Execute.
  • Our Methodology for acquiring a contract and taking it through its successful completion and support incorporates a radically different approach, in which, Quality Assessment and Management begins on the very first stage of initiating the contract and proceeds through every stage of the project.
  • At Vastech, We continuously invest in upgrading our People, Process and Technology every year to fulfill our endeavor and to provide high quality Solutions and Service to our Clients.
  • Our Project Management Methodology forces us to adhere to a Disciplined and Structured approach to a full Life Cycle of Development Process, Which assures us success in all the Projects.
  • The flexible Project Scope Management Approach is an Advantage to all our Clients that lets them re-arrange the scope of their requirements at any stage of the Project without exorbitant cost increase.

  • Want to built a Relationship with us ? Dial US +91-806-9400444
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