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Vastech’s cooperation with its clients does not end with product development, product re-engineering, delivery, and communication during the warranty period. It extends beyond that.  

We offer clients competent, cost-effective and round the clock application support and software maintenance services. Our dedicated developers prudently outline service level requirement and customize the application support and software maintenance services to the tune of matching your unique needs.

Our application support and software maintenance services include the following:

    • Adaptive Maintenance and support:  Our adaptive software maintenance services help you modify operating functions of your applications such as changing hardware configurations, integrating new operating systems, modifying supporting utilities, altering localizations and regulations, and changing the data format.
    • Corrective Maintenance and support:  Our team of expert engineers helps you to fix errors in your applications such as design errors, coding errors, and logical errors. We also fix bugs and errors related to your software such as correcting wrong algorithms prevalent in your software, and rectifying incorrect sentences, or misspelled words in your application interface.
    • Perfective Maintenance and Support: Vastech’s Perfective maintenance services help you enhance your application’s performance through effective deletions, modifications, insertions, changes, enhancements, Rectifications, and additions.
    • Preventive Maintenance and Support: Based on past incidents and customer feedback we plan and implement technology solutions that prepare your application for future market demands and overcome glitches that crop up in the long run.

Persistent special attention and upkeep are required to make the most of the technology to meet business goals. That is exactly what Vastech does for you through its impeccable unparalleled application support and maintenance services.   

Whether you are looking for application infrastructure monitoring, application monitoring, add-on features, application threat management, or application performance optimization, our proactive team of engineers will always provide you with agile and robust software support solutions.

You can select from our palette of services based on your requirement regarding pricing, project delivery options, and levels of support and be certain of an effective, efficient and hassle-free engagement. Get in touch with us today with your support requirements and revitalize your application and prepare it for future business challenges like never before.

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