Intelligent Empowerment

Intelligent systems are a new beckon of business disruption in our society. Where various governments are perturbed for the probable implications of smart/intelligent systems where robots are superseding jobs. These are what brings machine intelligence with human intelligence by the muse of modern technologies such as Artificial intelligence, optimisation techniques and machine learning.

The market opportunity for enhanced technology, especially for artificial intelligence, is thriving. Various tech giants such as IBM, Google and Microsoft are investing millions of dollars for research and development. Where the scope of implementation is growing in various IT fields such as the Internet of Things (IoT). However various other companies such as Samsung are also into development if artificial intelligence by machine learning. Various big contenders in the market are also partnering to create an open-source platform where ideas could flow and various technical aspects could be used to collaborate those ideas and to implement learning solutions by AI.

Promise to the future

Various the tech discussed above have been into existence from a long time and we are into their development phase. Tak example of AI which came into existence during the early 2000 but has been developed into more sophisticated algorithms and designs. We have smart devices that work on the AI or have similar features. These algos have further used in various other gadgets having the same functioning criteria, such as Google smart cars. These are building up a chain and we have various manufacturing industries too implementing the techniques for automation of the manufacturing units.

A brief history

Intelligent systems revolution started with the development of the iPhone 1 after the internet revolution took place. This phone cheated a hype in the market for the development of one of the best and compact technologies, which could be used as a cell phone. Post that Motorola came onto play with its flip phone and this cycle went on. New business models started to be developed by tech giants such as Google, Facebook to win the new game of advanced technologies and system development. The first ever automated machines developed were the CNC machine used in the manufacturing industries.

Conclusion from reality

Where the basic introduction of the frameworks, which we are developing took extensive research and up to 20 – 30 years. This modern reality may be called the 2.0 of the phase and developments and growths are being made exponentially. Some of the most advanced technologies which we might not be able to see could be found during KYC )Know Your Customer) where products such as face recognition and retina scan are used. There also various other products in the market such as rubric’s cube solver which uses machine learning and AI for the development and functioning.

There are a huge market and opportunity for intelligent systems. We need a holistic approach to for planning am execution so that the to replace the existing modules such as COTS for future developments.

Intelligent Empowerment


January 13, 2019

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