Vastech Solutions offers its clients with the next generation of outsourcing. We combine our extensive industry experience, the best talent and latest technology, secure and modern workspaces and expert industry specialists to deliver results to the tune of client satisfaction. We are your trusted BPO and KPO partner.

What Do We offer?

End User Support: Our efficient help desk offers 24/7 end-user support to your clients. Our operatives have excellent incident solving expertise and quick response time. We patiently and tactfully deal with your end user’s complains, grievances and offer them the required technical support.

Application Management: With our software development background coupled with our expertise in networks, servers, and storage we ensure the suite of applications that your business is dependent on are always available and exceeds the stated performance requirements.

Server Support: Vastech offers 24/7 server support to its clients. Some of the tasks we undertake include server hardening and security, server load balancing, network administration, cluster server management, database server administration, file transfer server administration, web server administration and email server administration. Our experts are always online to rescue your server from critical issues such as server downtime.

Desktop Support: We offer our clients immaculate desktop support services such as troubleshooting, backups, application installations, application and desktop virtualization, trouble ticket tracking and reporting solution and online live support. Our highly trained desktop support technicians strive to constantly strive to improve user satisfaction.

License Management: License management is time-consuming tedious and a complex task. It is expertise cost your business a fortune to establish and distract you from your core activities. This is where Vastech comes into the picture. We have extensive experience in helping select, manage and comply with the largest contract agreements in the market. We track both software and hardware assets for you.

Why work with us?

  • We maintain Strict Confidentiality
  • Deadlines are always met our desk
  • Prompt delivery  and quick turnaround time is a promise
  • Our outsourcing services are available at pocket-friendly prices.
  • We offer high-quality assurance
  • We only believe in transparent transactions.
  • Our Staff is extensively trained to handle your workload
  • Hiring us would mean reduction in operating costs.
  • We offer flexible outsourcing solutions

Vastech is committed to delivering unparalleled outsourcing solutions for your business and offers a customer experience second to none.

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