How does technology affect diversity and inclusivity?

Role of technology in inclusivity

In today’s work environment, technology has shown to play a critical role in creating more inclusive workplaces while acting as a source of information and unifier about efforts for inclusion. Technology has also provided the much need transparency across the workforce. A lot of new technologies such as web conferencing, webinars, instant messaging, AI software, and Cloud PBX solutions has entered the world of business. They are making significant contributions to eliminate all the barriers of inclusivity that are still persistent in many jobs.

The last few years have seen a significant rise in reliable and secure cloud solutions which has led many enterprises to enter the global platform which has enabled more inclusive and flexible communication in the workplace. Inclusion is the new hot news and there are a lot of advantages of building diverse teams and they are being well documented. Inclusion is more than just hiring people from diverse backgrounds. Companies need to think about how they are going to approach inclusion in their own unique way. It is about creating a thoughtful, safe and an accommodating workspace. They should reflect the culture and values and that will also help people do their best work.

An organization that adopted this technology

Thought Works is an organization committed to the inclusion of diverse communities. They still have a long way to go even though they have made remarkable progress till now. As previously stated, inclusion is not just about diversity. It is about other significant factors such as flexibility, communication and a sense of belongingness.

Open communication, trust, and collaboration are the key values that need to be adopted by every organization. This generation’s action like establishing gender neutral toilets, flexible furniture solutions and an induction loop for the hearing impaired have been a few steps adopted by this company. Conversation with a diverse workforce will make the situation transparent about their requirements and needs. People need to communicate in a workplace setting so wheelchairs were part of the plan to ensure that employees can talk to each while working and do not actually have to get up and move around.

How does this all connect?

Coming back to technology, it’s hard to ignore cloud computing when it comes to diversity and inclusivity. Cloud computing as a service rather than just a product used for storing and utilizing data has continued to transform a workplace and needs to be adopted by more organizations. More an more employees prefer setting up their own virtual offices at libraries, homes and coffee shops. They gain access to data through the internet and that is how cloud computing comes it as making things inclusive. It is a technology that can transform traditional workplaces into modern ones.

Effy Elden

How does technology affect diversity and inclusivity?

January 4, 2019

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