Encrypted Mailing System for Cyber Security

Enigmail is a module for the mail customer Thunderbird. It enables you to peruse and compose scrambled and marked messages from within Thunderbird; it’s right now the most well-known method for utilizing OpenPGP which is the most famous standard for email encryption.

The undertaking is free programming and was begun in 2001. From that point forward it has developed and obtained a considerable measure of usefulness.

Need of Enigmail:

Among all open source extends in that field encoded email is likely a standout amongst the most widely recognized types of private correspondence at present being used. In the meantime, a large number of the tasks out there are experiencing working in a domain with rare assets while endeavoring to help high hazard individuals around the globe.


With the end goal to make it simple to contribute, the initial step is to make it to a great degree simple to get the underlying condition up and running so you can compose code. We wound up offering help for both to make it feasible for individuals from various situations to move rapidly – Vagrant works better on OS X, while Docker gives a lot more pleasant advancement encounter on Linux.

Constant Integration

After we had made sense of what expected to occur with the end goal to arrangement new machines sans preparation for the task, we concluded that we needed an approach to consequently know when we broke the fabricate. We accomplished this by snaring Travis CI to our archive. With that setup, each time we push another submit, all tests will be kept running against another condition and we will be advised if something falls flat.


Unfortunately, testing isn’t so natural to do within Thunderbird. However, the engineers of Enigmail had supportively made a little test system to make it conceivable (JSUnit). We wound up utilizing this structure for building tests, and we presently have around 150 tests. There are still huge parts of the framework that are untested, yet the circumstance is preferred now over it was – and our expectation is that new donors can begin by adding to the tests.


When we had a few tests to make us feel good, we began doing refactoring. An extensive piece of these refactoring was centered on breaking out usefulness into littler segments that could be comprehended and worked with autonomously of one another. At the outset, all Enigmail usefulness could be found in just a couple of modules.


Toward the finish of this stretch, we believe we have accomplished what we needed to accomplish. The codebase feels like its fit as a fiddle now – and ideally, that will convert into more commitments and a simpler time fabricating new highlights. Enigmail still has scope of development and interested people must work on this.


Kristina Huffman

Encrypted Mailing System for Cyber Security

February 10, 2019

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