We offer impeccable software development services to facilitate your business growth, one up the competition and significantly shoot up your ROI. Whether you are looking for customized web application development, mobile application development, our team of experienced experts has got you covered. Whether need us to build an application for your organization (Monolithic application) or whether you need us to craft a product that serves as SAAS (Microlithic application) we have exactly the technical capabilities you are looking for.

Vastech has a reputation for building applications that cater to the cross-functional business requirements of our clients and proud of its bespoke team of dedicated, competent, professional and highly-qualified individuals persistently brainstorming to deliver unparalleled software development services to its clients worldwide.



Flexible Pricing Model

At Vastech you have the advantage of picking a pricing style as per your convenience and as per your preference. You can opt for a fixed project price, or you can choose to pay on man-hour basis where billing depends on the hours spent. We are also offering dedicated professional engage model, skill set and experience as per project requirement can choose from our pool of resources.

High-Quality Standards

Our core focus is on quality right from the frontend to the backend.  With excellent code review culture, test coverage, compliance with good practices and world-class frameworks such as Django, Spring, AngularJS,  Vastech always strives to produce quality outputs that are definitely an asset for your company.

Fabulously Fast

Since we eat breathe and sleep code, we take applications from the conception to completion quickly without compromising on the quality. Our fast Turn Around Time (TATs) differentiates us from our competitors.


Experience Vastech’s unparalleled application development services at unbelievable, budget-friendly prices. When working with Vastech cost-effectivity is a reality and is one of the core advantages. Everyone is looking for a combination of quality software development services and prices that do not really burn a hole in their pocket. Vastech serves you exactly that combination.



Majestic Micro Services

Our developers are completely equipped with the micro services architecture. Our expert team of developers can efficiently manage and coordinates Microservice APIs.  They can conveniently understand your business process and work on the complexities accordingly.

Trending Technologies

We specialize in helping you extract full advantage of the benefits of open source technologies such as Django, Python, Perl, AngularJS, MongoDB, Cassandra and Postgres. Vastech being the thought leader enables fluent open source software adoption at any given scale. Our team of professionals has hands-on specialization in making use of a variety of databases like RDBMS, and NoSQL. They hold the expertise to use IP Gateways to support micro services and integrate RestAPI with other services as per the project requirement.

Guaranteed security

With established expertise in developing secure applications and guaranteed security against all modern day web threats underlined by organizations such as WAF and OWASP. Vastech helps its clients to craft state of the art secure applications, assess and majorly increase the security level of the prevailing applications.

Picture Perfect User Experience

User experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) matter now more than ever. Today’s empowered customers demand intuitive, distinctive and compelling experience that matches their needs. Our dedicated crew of specialists spends ample time in researching and analyzing user wants, needs expectations, user behavior and design UX and UI tailored to suit your end user preferences. We help our clients to build UX and UI that drives dollars to the bottom line.

Splendidly Scalable

We design our applications in such a way that it permits and facilitates future development of number of users without the requirement to reinvent the wheel.

Mind Blowing Methodologies

Our application engineers use the most effective and in demand application development methodologies such as Agile software Development, Rapid Application Development (RAD) and waterfall methodology.

High-Performance Applications

We only build high-performance applications that are splendidly scalable, have low web latency, support big data processing and exhibit quick response time. All our applications are high availability applications.

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